We Offer a Transmission 

Preventative Maintenance Plan to Protect Your Investment.

Your vehicle's transmission is what transmits the power from the engine to the wheels. It offers you control over the level of power and speed given to the wheels. It is critical for controlling how you drive and how your vehicle performs. Keeping the transmission in good shape is essential for keeping your vehicle on the road. Preventative maintenance can reduce transmission repair needs in the long run. 

We warranty all of our transmission services (parts and labor). Basic warranty on all of our transmissions is

12 months, unlimited miles. We also offer additional warranties from 36 months to lifetime (conditions apply).

Transmission Fluid Inspection

Your transmission can sustain damage internally when the level of transmission fluid is too low. Check the fluid regularly to make sure it is at the recommended level. The transmission fluid should be clear and red in color. If it has a burnt smell to it, you need to have the transmission fluid changed.


Watch for Leaks

Transmission seals can fail over time. When seals begin to fail, the transmission fluid can leak out. If you see red fluid where your vehicle is normally parked, you may have a transmission leak. Check the vehicle's transmission fluid level. If it is below recommended levels, top off the fluid and take the vehicle in for repair.


Check Out Unusual Noises or Behavior

One of the first signs of a transmission problem may be unusual noises. A grinding sound indicates that the transmission is having difficulty shifting gears. Does your transmission hesitate shifting gears when you hit the gas? Could be an early sign of trouble. Check fluid levels and look for leaks. Take yor vehicle for service at ABD Transmission.

Report Transmission Problems

Most transmission problems begin as minor noises or leaks. If you have a transmission issue, it's time to bring it in for service. Don't wait until things get worse, and add to the transmission repair costs. If your vehicle is still under warranty, you want to check out the problem before the warranty period ends. 


Schedule an Appointment with ABD

Manufacturers recommend preventative maintenance on a transmission between 15,000 and 30,000 miles. Get a transmission check-up now. The sooner you get it done, the less likely your vehicle is to sustain damage due to undiagnosed transmission problems. 


Transmission Performance Maintenance Special Only $69.95

Transmission Performance Maintenance Special only $69.95, a $150 value, includes changing fluids, gaskets & filter if necessary, most vehicles, valid with ABD Transmission, Inc. in Englewood, CO.  Not valid with any other offer.  Must present coupon at time of order.

EXPIRES 09/30/2017